Friday, 27 February 2015

Kakki Sattai Vs Savukku Kattai

Yappaa Yappaaa......Hero agitaaalee...oru police vesham potu agunmmunnu yallarukkum oru assai.. appadi assailaaa.. eppadi karthikeyan nnum antha listla vanthutaaru....

Interval varaikkum..  Kathai kullaiyeeee padam pogala.....comedy perulaaa...kovam vara mathiri comedy panni erukanga....same sivakarthikeyan style following up in this movie also.. yallam lollu sabha comedy polaa erukkuu.. timing la ...
after mokka comedy in Varutha padatha valibar sangam, Maan karathe.. kaaki sattai also in this list..

very usual masala padam.. romba strong story.. semma message story.. organ mafia nnuu ..appadi eppadinnu... yavannuu oruthuan ossupithi vittu erukkan polaa.. pavam director..odumbuu ranagalam agiduchu..

interval block than semmaa.. yappa da.. story start agiduchu.. 2nd half semma ya fast ah semma thirling ah erukkum parthaa.... oru kutthu pattu.. oru montage pattu.....shubbaaaa... sollum pothey kannaaa kattuthu...
Core storykku important kuduthu eruntha movie better ah erunthu erukkum.. they thought to engage the audience with entertainment like songs, comedy, and cover the child audience etc.. but fails to make it. which is not required in this trend.

Sorry Anirudh.. songs are rombaa romba summar.. vivek sollura mathir.. pattullaa ladies kuda velliya poittu dham adipanga polaa.. except kokki potta than sikka vikura song.... BGM neriya yeduthulaa. koncham Kathi.Yethir neechal, VIP mix panni ketta mathiri erukku.

Overall : Kaakki sattai.. partha nammakkuu adi savukku kattai..

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Techieee ---- --- Tamilkku En Ondrai Azhutavum

Movie is really something different from other movies...
Yallaameeeyy allavvaa errukkuu....

Nakul & Urvasi acting is good... Punch line by Urvasi  " engineering students mark mattum vanguranunga no practical knowledge"  semma punch.. ...

Chumma mark mattum vangittuu ..kassuukkuu project vanggiittu..great sollikkiraa students kku nallla seruppadi..many scenes are like that

really it is new trend of MOM by urvasi.. speaking very technical.. watching football instead of serial.. sending romance message to son's girlfreind.

atta kathi dinesh and bindu madhavi entertained very well

 Nakul, Iswariya, Sathish, Dinesh, Bindu yallarum vera vera vazhil poittu erukkangaa but indirect ahh..oru vishayathulaa link agi erukkangaa......but oruthuarium oratharium link pannmaa story kondu poi erukkanga..  really good of handling it without any confusion..

Movie is more techie....and also explained clearly.. i think nalla detail la work panni eruppanga.. i don't know how far it really true about mobile signals.. towers.. changing tv signals..landline details. solar storm etc...
no unwanted songs for romance in 2nd half..hats off to that ...

Overall : very simple story line given in very interesting way...


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Qissa - Punjabi Movie..Now in cinemas after So many International awards

Qissaa - Punjabi movie...
Nammakku Hindi yeee thadikinathoom... ethullaa punjabi movie yaa?? appadinnu kekkalam...

Thank god i expected movie is released  with subtitle.
As father irfan khan rocks...
Movie is Mysterious, emotional , stunning and  came out with little confusion climax.
appadi enna special in this movie?

Won Awards in
1.Torontto International Film Festival
2.Bombay International Film Festival
3.Abhu dhabi Film Festival
4.Vesoul Asian Film Festival

All over Chennai running only @sathyam only for one show.

Don't miss this experience..


Friday, 13 February 2015

Danga Mariii -- Anegan

Back to Back dhanush movies for past 2 weeks....
Danush semmaaaa performance.. as  3 different characters.. ..karthik semma come back after soo many years.

don't miss the first 15-20 minutes of Burma story.. . very fast, racy and interesting....felt like you being there at Burma,,..

1st half did not let you down at anywhere..  and makes you guessing and curiosity what exact screenplay will be travel ...and makes very interesting twist during interval block..

2nd half is firing flashback of danush as Kali...and Daangaaa .mari athirathu for entire song till end.. OMG.. all level of audience go crazy on this song.....

As i predicated character is villan at end...entire hold of the movie is revealing of villan.... last 30 minutes predictable

some missing logical and confusing sequence are there but overwhelmed by fast screenplay and Danush performance.

Overall : guaranteed entertainer if you watch the movie without knowing villan, so please don't reveal or  by reading any reviews about villan..

anyway i did not revealed the villan here

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tamizhan's - Shamithab

Yes of-course... watched Shamithab only for Dhanush.....Nammukkuu yethoo araii kuraiyaaa than hindi theryum.. thank god subtitle understood full emotion of the movie..

yallamm nammaaaa tamil people.. Cameraman,MusicDirector,  Director. Hero and Heroine yallam namma oru allunga ..... tamizhhh vazgha...

characterization of Amithab and Danush is real face of their early life...

Danush.. danush.. danush...OMG.. he is on different level gone up on the way to mute person
Amithab vs Danush clashes, comedy, ego  entertaining lot in first half...Thank god Akshra is not used like usual heroine who simply comes and goaway....

Raja sir rocking... Piddly song semmaaaa... visuals and innovative of songs semmma semmaa....

second half missed the tempo compare to first half....predictable story line and expected climax.

Overall: Rocking B & D with Balki

Thursday, 5 February 2015

GVM's Classy - Yennai Arinthaal

Yennai Arinthaal
Most expected movie of this year..

It’s another cop story from GVM..

It is break the rule movie for Thala.. no  punch dialogues unwanted romantic scene or unwanted romantic songs...still there is very linear romance which has GVM's perfect touch

It is usual police story with cat and rat race screenplay..since it is done by GVM and Thala is reached massive group of  audience.. else it will be great disaster

It is great come back for GVM  & Harris and great break for  Arunvijay

So stylish classy thala on screen…OMG semmaaa gethu and handsome  on screen..

In all  GVM movies he always portrait the heroines as so pretty. as same it continues in YA also ..anushka and trisha looks pretty on screen.

Most of scenes and shots reminds me his GVM’s previous movies..

Characterization of  Trihsa reminds me Jothika character in Vetiyadu vellayadu..
Asusual  semma  dialogues in GVM movies even it is romantic or in action sequence .

Since it is action can be more faster and reduced length ..

Thank god GVM kept audience mind as neutral. .since he already said that come without any expectation….. else it will be great input for MEME creators
don't go with expectaion like khakka khakka or vettaiyadu vellayadu..

Ovreall :  2 spoon Kakka kakka  +2 spoon vettayadu vellayadu +  koncham varanam ayiram + add on with limited thala mass = Yennai arinthal

Sunday, 1 February 2015

SJ.Surya's - Isai - Virundhu

SJ surya come back with bang after 10yrs

starts with typical SJ's story narration

so you can predicts screenplay flow.. since he narrated the story in beginning

you come to know why? who? how it happened ??..except the hero...

usual SJ hot romantic scenes and double meaning dialoug are there.... as balasaravanan says in darling all sallaikkidum secens are available

more than SJ.. sathyaraj steals the entire show as villan.. nakkaal.. nayandi.. kalasal villan

kanchakaruppu try to makes you laugh... but combination with sathyaraj... sathyaraj steals it over karupu

i felt the 1st half not narrated as SJ said in begning, but it was related in 2nd half as i expected

you can predict black sheep character of the story other than sathyaraj.. but u cannot predict the unexpected climax from SJ perfect SJ touch..

reason for logical mistakes are also revealed in climax ...

please don't share the story or climax to others.. climax is strong hold of the movie.. never seen such climax like ISAI.. very brave climax attempt by SJ...OMG it s greate surprise.