Sunday, 25 January 2015

Darling - Dumbaakkuuuu

After yaam erukka bayamey....
darling line up with horror + comedy.
Ghost gopal..Jameskumaran.. Athisayaraj.. characters semma kallai..

Balasaravanan getting his graph up..movies like thirudan police , Aaaaa and now darling/

most awaited character is ghost gopal...roaring crowd and applause for him like vijay and ajith intro..
rocking rajendran.

dialogues are not watchable with family members

some logical are missing still it is very gud laughter .... yenn maaa eppadi pannringa. chance yee illa kallai

I did not watched original Telugu version

2hrs..full 100% guaranteed entertainer

Friday, 16 January 2015

Today's Special - Ambala-65

“Ambala - 65… “

What u find in Vishal movie??

Paranthu Paranthu adikkira stunt..

Nallu punch dialogue..then oru flashback.,.same in Ambala also

For change he came with movie like Pandiya nadu and Naan sigappu manithan..but again he is back to his form like Poojai and now Ambala

1st half oru doubt  ethu sundar.c padam thanna ? bcz romba kovam vara mathiri comedy.

Sanatham also cheated in first half….2nd half last 25 minutes santhanam comedy is gud

Music: Theatre la BGM and songs kaathu kizhithu..except last remix song.

Very usual story like 90’s movie ends with subham..

Overall : Usual  Masala Mix of sundar.c.. but this is not his perfect mix

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

“I” experience

“I” experience

It is very difficult to make a movie like  “ I “ and difficult to comment a movie like " I"... which was given with hard work and I am not great person to critic movie of great director but this is my opinion abt the movie which I am sharing.

Unbelievable Vikram .. Unbelievable creativity.. Unbelievable visuals… Unbelievable Stunts. ..Unbelievable VFX specially  Mersial aittane song   after watching this song..really naan merisal agittane…Unbelievable Imagination and very grandeur scenes ….. but story and screenplay?

 Vikram strengthens his shoulder not only for visual treat to audience.. ..and also for hold the entire movie on his shoulder. It is vikram vikram vikram vikram.only for vikram.  hats off to him

Amyjackson is very apt to character as model ....but love? Chemistry?..she doesn’t fit to southindian character and many places dubbing lip sync is very horrible.. not only for Amyjackson, many characters lip sync agala.. except vikram, santhanam and few.

I felt Ramkumar character is created based on inspired by Mallaya. bcz his appearance is close enough to him

Santhanam makes you tickle in some places and some places may be his comical in this movie will be controversial. I felt he is going out of form in recent days.

In recent days most expected movies are coming with most expected and predictable screenplay which everyone can guess what will going to happen next  .. Length of the movie can be reduced

Romba naal ah oru doubt .. What is meaning for title "I"  watch the movie u come to know why it is titled as  “I”

Overall : .5 star &  7 star hotel buffet la vaikkira..well decorated Onion Bajji.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Cine - Kirukkan

New year resolution : .. No more posting about movies in FB
appada.. tholla vittuchu ninaikkathinga
wait..wait.. wait
errunga.. errunga..

Cine Kirukkan

Chumma kirkku thanama.. movie pathi  post FB la pottu pottu bore adichutuchu..
enna pannalam partha...

namma yen oru blog arambikka kudathu yendru oru bulb monday annikku mandilaa adichuthu...
athan vilaivu than entha cine kirukkan blog...

entha blog la...verum cinema pathi than erukkum ..nan padam parthu antha padam expereice share pannippane.. ethu padam review illa..bcz review sonna ..neee eppadi sollaa appadi soolla..sooluvinga..nan yatha pathi kavala pada porathu illa.

Mellum padatha pathi yelluthum pothu.. yethna peru thitta porrangalo? ella kaluvi kalviuttha porangaloo..anyway hereafter i will post abt movies in blog not in FB

ok anyway you can share your opnion abt a movie which i posted or share abt movie which you watched,
 it may be any language or it may be any non-indian movies which help us to watch
discuss abt the movie in healthy way, don't abuse each other based on fan's club like ajith vs vijay etc..

before posting abuse comments about movie or director or actor or abt me  please visit below link

post your comments in english or tamil.

ayoo ramaa...entha kosu tholla thanga mudialayeee endru ninaikkum pala peru erukkalam.still.. i just want to do something diffreent.

support pannuravanga.. support pannunga...thitturavanga thitturavangaa thittungaa..
support pannuravanga please share this can also be part of this blog.

I hope below pic Unga mind voice naan pathivu senchu errukkanea?.. correct ah ??